School Days, Thinking Out Loud

To my children on the first day of school

Enjoy! I won’t cry, you won’t cry. That’s not our thing. No severe case of stiff upper lip, just a case of being a totally normal thing to happen at the start of September. I love that you love school, that you’re bright and a good friend.

You’ll get up to all sorts of exciting things this year. All of you. Trips and projects, odd crazes and funny stories. You’ll pick up fodder for anecdotes in your adult years. You’ll learn and you’ll grow.

I’m getting soppy. I should probably have started the school year as I mean to go on by laying out your uniforms and preparing your packed lunches but we’ll muddle through somehow.

And a special extra note for my step daughter: I hope you have a better first day than your dad did.

School Days

Parents Evening

It’s parents evening week at my sons’ school. I don’t dread it half as much as my primary school teacher mate. I get to spend 10 minutes being bathed in praise for the little humans that we made. Which is nice. I liked school, my boys liked school, my boys’ teachers like my boys. I’m less keen on future high school parents evenings with their speed dating format and at least three subjects you didn’t even know were a thing.

Dropping my kids to school most mornings means I see their teachers and LSAs a fair bit. I’m not stressing about being judged by the teacher on parents evening (in Secret Teacher style)  because I’m sure they’ve already made their judgements. That said, I have brushed my hair and changed out of my leisure wear, just in case.

If my boys have an issue or I’m worried about something, the teacher and I can and do address it really quickly, not store it up for an arbitrary 10 minute sit down on miniscule chairs.

Mr VoG Mam isn’t able to make it today (poorly step daughter) which is probably for the best chair-wise. They’re not built for his bulk. My parents had their wedding reception in a primary school which has always conjured up images of wedding guests with the knees of their flares up their moustachioed nostrils.

I did have to do that I’m-a-terrible-mother thing of postponing the 4 year old’s parents evening until after half term because a work meeting moved dates. But, you know what? Both the boys’ teachers are also working mums of primary aged children so they get it (I hope).

I’m toying with a parents evening bingo of phrases like “unique sense of humour”, “a pleasure to teach”, “a credit to you”, “gets on with everyone”, “numerical reasoning” and possibly “who?”.

If they’re friendly and working their hardest then I’m happy. Same goes for both the teachers and the boys.